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Carpet Cleaning Chevy Chase MD

Your home is your sanctuary. It should have all the comforts you deserve, including a clean carpet you can sit on, walk on, play on or simply stand back and lovingly admire. When your carpet is stained, worn or otherwise damaged, it changes the entire mood in your home. What your carpet needs is a professional touch to restore it back to its former glory. That’s where we come in.

Green Choice Carpet provides the best rug and carpet cleaning in Maryland. Our staff is made up of experienced professionals who have extensive training in repairing, restoring and removing stains and odors from carpets and rugs. Dedicated as we are to providing our clients with a safe cleaning service, we are an Eco-friendly company and use green cleaning technology to beautify your carpet and, therefore, your home.

Get a Free Cleaning Quote

One of the services we offer is a free quote. You can call us on the phone and speak to a representative or we can come to your house, do a preliminary examination of the problem and give you a written quote for the work we will have to do, all at absolutely no cost to you. There is no obligation to decide right away. You can think about it, talk it over with your spouse and get back to us at a later date.

Fast Turnaround Time

If you decide to utilize our professional services, you will be pleased with your decision. We will get the work done quickly and effectively. If you entrust us with a rug that needs cleaning and repair, it will take us no more than one week to get it back to you from the time we pick it up. In fact, you may have your freshly cleaned and restored rug back in as little as 5 days! Your rug will be given the utmost care and only the highest quality treatment at our rug cleaning factory so it may be delivered back to you as good as new. Best of all, we will pick it up and deliver it to you for free.

Why Call Us for Carpet and Rug Cleaning?

Carpet and rug cleaning is more than just washing and drying. Carpets and rugs often have to be deep cleaned so that all the dirt and debris that has set in over time can be loosened and removed. One of the methods we use for this is hot water extraction. Because we are working with delicate fibers, and because each carpet and rug is unique, we take great care to use gentle cleaning methods that will not be rough or abrasive.

Restoration and Repair

We will bring your carpet and rug back to life. Even if your carpet or rug has undergone heavy damage from a pet or dropped liquid, our experts will work diligently to undo the damage. We believe in excellence, and we provide the highest qualify rug and carpet cleaning in Chevy Chase Maryland. For booking an appointment you can chat with us or call us at 1-301-605-1217.

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If you are interested in our services, you can call us to speak to a representative and even arrange for one of our staff to inspect your carpets and rugs and give you a free quote and find out just how affordable our services can be.

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Why Us?

Green Cleaning Technology

When Green Choice Carpets comes to your home, we will bring the most advanced green cleaning technology that has been tested and certified as safe and green. Our staff have been carefully trained in the best way to clean carpets and remove stains and odors. Our cleaning products do not use any toxic cleaning chemicals but green detergents that will thoroughly remove dirt and grime from your carpets, rugs and upholstery. With our deep cleaning process, dust and allergens are removed. As a result, you will breathe fresher and cleaner air. Best of all, our green cleaners are free of harsh chemicals that could pose health risks to small children and pets.

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